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 The Final Word game review
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Donkey Kong Land -- Nintendo

This game is really scary... Not like in BOO-Scary, just disturbing scary. Why? Well, for one, without a doubt this has to be the best Game Boy game I have ever seen (I never even thought it could pull something like this off, let alone this well). No blur, no problems at all. And when you put it up on a Super Game Boy, WOW, step back 10 feet from the screen and you'll swear you're watching Donkey Kong Country on a black & white TV (I kid you not!). Play control is right on the money, and exactly like it's SNES counterpart. Graphics... need I say more? Sound... ah, well this is where there is lacking. While the essence of the SNES music is captured on the Game Boy, I miss those full bodied orchestrated tunes. None-the-less, this game is a must have for all Game Boy/Super Game Boy owners.