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 The Final Word game review

Test Drive 6 -- Infogrames

Ahhhh... Stop making Test Drive games already! Or just call them something else like "Crappy Box Thing That Drives Like an Empty Crate Driving Game"... or whatever that works out to in Esperanto. Doh!

The original idea behind the game Test Drive was that you were taking an exotic sports car out for a test drive and you had to get it back to the dealer undamaged, in a limited amount of time, and without getting stopped by the cops for speeding (real challenge!). The idea in this game is that you bounce a car along a course (ie, bounce off walls, bounce off other cars, bounce off random objects) with a bunch of other bouncing cars, until you finally happen to smack across the finish line. By the time you're done, you want to smack the developer.

What the hell was this crap? I might as well be playing with marbles in a frizbee.... they would handle about the same... no, they might actually have better control. While graphics and sound were ok, just about everything else in this game, including the bouncing cars, blew chunks. Please no more! Please, don't buy this game! Just about every other racing game out for the Dreamcast crushes this "game."

>>>>> 6.0/25 <<<<< R.I.P.
Graphics 2.0
Sound 2.0
Gameplay/Control 1.0
Longevity/Playability 0.0
Overall 1.0
Total 6.0