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AegiSoft Company Profile

General Overview

AegiSoft Corporation, located in Rockville MD, specializes in the production and sales of leading edge encryption digital medium technology products including rental game software and DVD rental products. The company operates from its facility in Research Park and currently focuses on the untapped rental PC game market.

Mission Statement

The company is twofold: First, to provide consumers the easiest and most affordable way to gain access to the software that they want - no matter where they are or when they want it. Second, to provide software publishers the best ways for distributing their software through a variety of profitable and strategic distribution channels.

Product/Service Overview

Now, AegiSoft Corporation is bringing to market its suite of rental PC game products. These rental PC game products are the full version of the PC game yet have a expiration on the rental period and more importantly, these games cannot be pirated. The products are being sold at retail outlets such as USA Grocer's chain, Commander Video stores, and Rocky's Video stores for a suggested price of $3.99 for a three day rental.

Marketing Overview

AegiSoft’s products are designed to capture the 60% of the PC game users who do not buy game products because of price. Because of the low cost of a rental, we expect to capture the majority of this market.

Competitive Advantages

Software-On-DemandTM encryption technology makes AegiSoft one of the only software companies that can provide software publishers the elimination of piracy of their software and PC game users the ability to rent PC game software instead of buying it.

Technology Capabilities

AegiSoft utilizes a patent pending encryption technology that provides any digital medium to become non-copyable, and the ability of renting.

Strategic Alliances

The company has a strategic relationship a group of Blockbuster Video franchise stores and other retailers such as Commander Video stores, Rocky's Video stores, and USA Grocer's. These alternative distribution channels have provided a network from which to distribute the rental PC game products. Additionally, AegiSoft has formed alliances with PC game software publishers such as Mattel Sales Corporation, UbiSoft Corporation, DreamCatcher Interactive, and TalonSoft Corporation.

Company News

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new PC game rental products throughout the United States. See the attached press release for details.