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(Rockville, MD, December 21) -- AegiSoft Corporation announced today its premier release of PC rental games throughout the United States. The rental software product, which allows a computer user to rent the full version of a PC game for a period of three (3) days at $3.99 without having to return the software back to the store, is a new concept within the software gaming industry.

Through AegiSoft's Software-On-DemandTM technology, the company has the ability to remaster a PC software game into a rental product with the option to purchase that product via the Internet or modem. Once the product has been formatted with this technology, it can be downloaded online or distributed through any retail chain.

James D. Baker, AegiSoft’s CEO, commented: "The real impact on the software industry will be the fact that now PC game players do not have to buy software anymore -- they can rent it. This changes how our industry views software publishing and the distribution network now established -- imagine, now a computer user can play ten games for the price of one through renting the software."

About AegiSoft Corporation

AegiSoft Corporation, headquartered in Rockville, MD, is the world's leading provider of technology and services to digital media companies (i.e. software, music, movies, electronic books, DVD's) by remastering their digital medium into a rental product with the ability to rent again or purchase that product at the end of the rental period. More importantly the technology, known as Software-On-DemandTM, has the ability to transform any digital medium into a non-copyable product.