1996 Winter CES

January 6, 1996:
The face of Winter CES is really changing. With the major video game companies all no-shows, the floor close to barren, and car stereos dominating the show, CES is no longer the Video Game trade show of choice. Game Zero took the time to claw through the car stereos and telephones to bring you the latest in gaming news. PC-Gaming fans running Microsofts Windows 95 will be happy with all of the news on 95 specific games. Gamers who like multi-player games will soon have many choices in high speed modems that allow you to simultaneously transmit voice data. Also, Sony Interactive (formerly Psygnosis) had a showing at the same time as CES at the Ballys hotel, Las Vegas, where the Game Zero team got the latest information on Sony's upcoming PlayStation and PC titles.

WCES '96 Part 1, (Fox Interactive, Sony Interactive, etc...)
WCES '96 Part 2, (Win95 and 3-D graphics accelerators for the PC)
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