Winter CES 1996

It seemed that with this year's CES, there were more than the normal share of off-site showings by companies. While most companies had at least a couple of representative walking the floor (mostly, it appeared, to check and see who else was at the show), other companies went so far as to set up a display in a rented hotel conference room or suite nearby (to the CES complex). Nintendo even went to the effort of booking space with the CES show, presumably to make sure they were covered if their competition decided to show at the last minute.

Three of the companies present at the show, but not featured in our earlier coverage are touched on here, Atari Interactive, Accolade, and Her Interactive (a division of American Laser Games).


Accolade's new product announcements included: Deadlock, a "planetary conquest strategy game" for play on PC CD-ROM. In this game you play the part of a space colony leader. Your goal is to explore your world, develop your resources to their fullest and manage colony research and technology developments as well as maintain and direct military forces which protect your colony. You can choose from seven different species, each with different qualities.

Deadlock is Accolade's first game to include Internet play capability, and will additionally support standard multi-player networking for up to seven players. There is also a built in, player chat mode. Currently Deadlock is slated for a Summer, 1996 release under Windows NT, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95.

Developed for Accolade by Any Channel, PO'ed for the Sony PlayStation is a graphically enhanced release of the 3-D first-person perspective 3DO shooting game by the same name. Current release date on this title is Summer, 1996.

Also for the Sony PlayStation, Hardball 5 was shown. This new version is planed to include new "closest-to-the-plate graphics", 32-track digitally recorded sound, and access to over 800 MLBPA players for play in a selection of 28 stadiums. Game play-by-play is provided by Al Michaels. Additionally there are 12 "all-time legendary teams" included for selection as well as 12 "authentic old-time stadiums" to select from. In full game mode, players can build and manage 40-man roster teams throught a full 162-game season, including the ability to trade players, and more. Hardball 5 is schedualed for a Spring, 1996 release.

Also announced was Star Control 3 for PC CD-ROM, with no firm release date mentioned in press materials.

Her Interactive

[photo] [photo]
McKenzie & Co. for the Macintosh and PC CD-ROM

Her Interactive announced that McKenzie & Co., their title aimed at middle-school and high-school aged girls is finally in distribution. This game is for PC CD-ROM under Windows and Macintosh running System 7.1 or better. The software is also packaged with a bonus music CD containing music from the bands "Strawberry Zots", "Poet", "Cool Notes", and "Tee Green".

Atari Interactive

[photo] [photo] [photo]
Tempest 2000 for the PC CD-ROM

One of the bigger "off-site" game company showings, Atari Interactive held their formal launch into the PC gaming arena with showings of four new titles planed for First Quarter, 1996 release.

[photo] [photo] [photo]
Highlander for the PC CD-ROM

The star of the presentation was Tempest 2000, the PC version of the successful and highly acclaimed Jaguar title by the same name. This new version supports two-players via a "PC-to-PC" connection. Also shown were, Highlander (based on the animated TV series), Baldies (supporting four-player networked gameplay), and FlipOut!, all for PC CD-ROM.

[photo] [photo] [photo]
Baldies for the PC CD-ROM

[photo] [photo] [photo]
FlipOut! for the PC CD-ROM

Current plans for future releases include Missile Command 3-D, Return to Crystal Castles, Interactive Rocky Horror Show, and Virtual War.

In Conclusion...

Be sure to keep an eye on Game Zero over the coming months for additional coverage on these companies and more, and feel free to stop by our PC Gaming area for reviews on Atari Interactive's titles as they become available! Game Zero is your detonation point for video gaming information.

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