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January 1, 2004

2003 unique page view statistics
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
Since I had so much fun with this last year, I went ahead and spent my time today compiling the overall stats for 2003.
While I would like to say that I am not puzzled over the top 50 read reviews list (since most of them are repeats from last years stats), I am greatly puzzled. Sure Killer Instinct for the SNES is still the number one read review on the site, but Way of the Warrior for 3DO is also still ranking near the top of the list?!? WotW is possibly one of the worst fighting games ever, and definately bottom of the barrel in 3DO gaming. Sigh... will wonders never cease...
Interestingly enough I noticed that overall site traffic was down, but focused traffic was up in a number of key areas such as with our java games and the well trafficked "Violence and Video Games" article. In fact we probably get atleast one e-mail a month requesting data on the author.
Anyways, enjoy the data and make of it what you will.

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