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May 25, 2003

Updates on updates... blech...
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
So... in regards to my previous update of odd news, there have been some related updates.
For one, the "Square/Enix merger" looks like it's all completed and the new company is starting to churn out games.
Then there was the bit about Atari... So, now that Midway has completely ended the figurative life of Atari, Infogrames in an unrelated move to boost company image, help sagging sales and distance themselves from their French image (yes, they are a French based company... like you didn't guess that already with such a stupid sounding name?), has decided to dump their corporate name and change it to Atari. Why? Well, they own the name. Williams bought the arcade rights and technologies of the late Atari, while Infogrames bought the rights to the consumer side of things along with the name of the company if I remember right. In any event, Infogrames has ownership of the name so their going to use it by-cracky! Whatever... personally I find this kind of crap pretty sad.
There was also the bit of news about Sega... Well, it looks like the deal with Sammy is dead in the water. As is another deal that was on the table with Namco (man I was siked about that one). Which leaves rumored deals floating about with Microsoft and EA. Please if there is a god above here me now, while I really don't want to see Sega absorbed into the soup of EA, I sure as heck don't want to see Sega merge with Microsoft. A Sega/Microsoft merger would be the most depressing turn for Sega that I could think of. In fact, I would rather see them just shut down the company and burn all their assets before being consumed by Microsoft. Don't agree with me. Tough. Worst of all I've been fearful of Microsoft eating them up since the whole Dreamcast partnership, but I had hoped that it wouldn't happen as long as the now late Isao Okawa, (former Chairman of CSK Corporation) had a say in things. Unfortunately, since he passed away in 2001, forces on the board of CSK seems hell bent to do nothing but dump Sega in the shit can for a buck. Sigh...
...hmmm... I spent nearly an hour struggling with analogies to help clarify my point on this whole merger notion, and had to give up since nearly all of them would probably get me sued by Microsoft. Suck.
Anyways, that's all for now...

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