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November 6, 2002

Cold Storage on the web
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
Anyone who's been around PlayStation gaming for long enough remembers when the first WipeOut game hit the scene. Those of you who were deep into gaming or visited our site at the time might even remember the scandal surrounding the soundtrack for the game and how songs were removed from the U.S. release of the game. Well, while we lost a few songs from some powerhouse U.K. performers Psygnosis' in-house musician Tim Wright (more famously known as Cold Storage) more than carried the game with his own wicked beats and introduced a world of gamers to his talent as a musician. If you're interested in what he's up to these days, or you're just interested in tracking down .MOD or .MP3 files of some of his older work be sure to check out his new website at
You can currently find songs from his work on Shadow of the Beast II, WipeOut, WipeOut XL, and the MTV Music Generator series among many others as well as a forum where you can talk with other fans, or even the man himself.

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