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June 27, 2002

Calling all archivists...
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
I was doing a little house keeping today and discovered that we had produced two video game videos back in 1996/97 which look like they only appeared on our mirror in Italy (which is long since gone), and I can't seem to find an archive of them. What makes this extra stupid is that I'm the one who made those videos! Doh!
Anyways, they appear to have gone missing over the years, and have not been present on the site since sometime after 1998. I'm not sure how the listings got removed or where the video files disappeared to... but, I would love to track them down and put them back on the site. The two videos were import previews of Breath of Fire 3 and Rockman 8. Both of them were AVI encoded, and the BOF3 video was 2.8 MB, and the Rockman 8 video was 4.2 MB in size. Both had our mascot stamp at the end of the videos... If you know of anyone who has an old mirror of our Video Pit files stashed away, ask them if they have these two.
Thanks for the help... and sorry, there is no reward other than the reward of helping out another person... unless of course you'll accept an e-mail/link listing that thanks you for your help. ;p

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