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December 11, 2001

Random notes and gaming news
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
Big news... big update coming up on December 15th. Evan and myself are knuckling down to give you some reviews just in time for your last minute Christmas shopping. Although, don't bother waiting to see if we're covering X-Box... It'll be cold day in hell before I spend any of my money on one of those systems, or if I do, I'll be waiting until they're selling for $50... whichever comes first. The other alternative is Micro$oft sends us a system. In which case I'll gladly do reviews on the games (atleast the Sega titles, eh?). Either way, that's the deal. Look for a number of PS2, GameCube, and GameBoy Advanced reviews, as well as some oldies.
In other news, it looks like VM Labs (the makers of the Nuon, DVD player technology) has bit the bucket. According to a story in the San Jose Mercury news, the company has filed bankruptcy, and is currently looking for someone to buy their technology. I guess Tempest has claimed its next victim. Sigh...
Then, in the SNK department, it looks like a Korean firm is taking over all of the old SNK employees and software properties. It also looks like their going to get into a pretty good piss-fight with Capcom over the KOF and Final Fight characters. This should be interesting to say the least.
Hmm... and now onto the more speculative news. Rumor on the net has it that two different gaming pubs are on the verge of death. The first is Next Generation Magazine, which supposedly will cease operations, with January's issue being the last. The other bit of rumor that has been floating around, comes from the mouths of some of IGN's affiliate websites (remember how they scooped up about a billion gaming sites over the last year?). Basically, the word is that IGN may be on the verge of closing up shop as well, leaving their affiliates out in the cold. Yikes... IGN has actually been pretty good of late for providing screens and videos of new games, so let's hope that this second rumor fizzles out.
Anywho, cheers!

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