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October 21, 2001

DDR/Time Crises combined!!!
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
Ok, well not quite. But we had an amazing bit of ingenuity tonight. As happens every time we want to play Time Crisis, we sit around a complain to each other about how stupid Namco is for selling this game without the reload/duck pedal? I mean really. Do you know anyone who shoots a gun in real life who holds it like they expect you to and press those stupid buttons at the end of the barrel? And the new GunCon 2 isn't looking much better.
So here we are once again looking for a good third-party pedal on the web that we might buy and notice someone making a wise-guy comment about plugging in a controller into the player-two port pressing the X-button with their foot to do the duck/reload... hmmm... wait, what was that?!?! Didn't we just get Dance Dance Revolution in here not to long ago? Doesn't that Konami pad have an X-button mapped to the mat?
...well, about five minutes later after having plugged the mat into port two and turning on the game with GunCon in hand, we were blowing crap away and using the DDR mat's X-button spot as the reload pedal!
Wow!!! Screw buying a pedal, this solution totally kicks butt. So... if you're a TC fan, whether you like DDR or not, go buy the game and use the mat. Then, just think of DDR as an added bonus for the kids!

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