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September 17, 2001

Contemptible managment...
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
I for one am seriously offended by the apparent actions taken by the entertainment industry (not just movies, and TV, but video games and more), to sweep in and eradicate the World Trade Towers from all upcoming media releases. In one gross brushstroke the media world will pretend as if the World Trade Center never existed. Insulated managers are going to "protect" everyone by editing the content of their projects. I've spent the last few days talking with dozens and dozens of gamers and movie goers who are just as offended as I am at this activity. Are we just going to ignore reality? Do these people assume they are now just going to tell everyone that these buildings never existed and marginalize what they represented, and what transpired?
People need to deal with this reality because it is the one we live in. People also clearly need entertainment to escape from reality and it's pressures. For many people seeing those towers in a movie may be a comfort representing a safer time, for others they will be an image of a terrible time in their lives... but removing these symbols from completed/nearly completed works is giving into this terrorist act in the worst way. To Activision, Konami, Electronic Arts, Arush, Micro$oft, and others... they've punched and you've flinched... and I have just so much less respect for you as of today.
To be honest, the only situations I have any sympathy for so far are first, the Majestic team... Clearly in the current air of suspicion and paranoia, the last thing we need is a game designed specifically about exploiting those emotions, and I commend them for suspending the title until things settle back down. Second, I'm really concerned about any flack that Nintendo may take over this. They've already taken a beating in the Japanese stock market last week, and the reality is Nintendo is not generally known for making violent games.
Let's keep it together people, don't change your work or how you live just to conform to the screwed up actions of a handful of nutcases.

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