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September 7, 2001

Looking for news/codes/faqs?
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
If you're looking for news, you could come here and I could regurgitate the news from other sites... or I could just point you to the primary feed where most of the other sites get their news from. ie Magazine is a trade/industry publication that usually gets the news first. They have a pretty objective reporting format, so if you want to be on top of what's going on, you'd be hard-pressed to do better.
Next, codes and FAQs... we get lots of e-mail from people looking for help with one game or another. While I've often entertained the idea of totally filling out our ProPage codes area from years back, it seems like a waste of time given the fact that about a billion other sites already offer all of the same data. The bottom line though would be that if you have a question about any game on pretty much any post-NES console platform (as well as PC games), your first stop should be If you can't find info there, your only hope is to stumble across a dedicated fan page while searching Google, or AltaVista.
That's all for now... still trying to get caught up ;p

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