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June 26, 2001

Ohhhh sigh...
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
Well, at first I was going to write something about all of the movies and games that have come out over the last few weeks, but real-life has been getting in the way... so now you get to hear about that instead.
This last couple of weeks has been rough. First we had a couple of major plumbing problems in our house two weeks ago that left the house smelling of backed-up sewage for several days... Then last week I had to deal with a major infection that took hold across half my big toe and left me walking funny all week while it healed. Then, as if that wasn't enough stress, one of our family pets, Logan, a half-lab/half-husky died on Monday. She was 19 years old this month, and had always been in the family (she had been part of a litter born to another long-lived family dog).
Basically, we knew this was coming. She had been showing various signs of advanced old age setting in, and on the 21st we noticed that she decided to quit eating food. Then, over the next couple of days, she went from no food (even turning down favorite treats), to throwing up any water she drank. When we took her to our family vet on Monday morning he did a blood work-up and cursory examination and felt that she was suffering major kidney failure, as well as showing possible liver problems. After talking extensively with the vet, we felt that since she only had a matter of days left, rather than let her suffer though the advanced stages of blood poising from organ failure due to old age, we decided to let her have her peace.
We let her rest on her favorite pillow, and our children who had known her their whole lives gave her hugs and told her how much they loved her. I said my thoughts as well, and we stepped out of the office while my wife stayed for the procedure. According to my wife, Logan was apparently calm and fully conscious of what was happening, and passed-away peacefully in my wife's arms.
We're having her cremated alone so that we can have the ashes returned for us to disperse in some small ceremony. I feel it's important for the family to have full closure on this, just as I would with any other family member that might pass-away, because let's be real. After 19 years, Logan was another member of the family, and she will be greatly missed.
It's a shame really, that this form of dignity can't be offered to more humans who have reached the end of their lives, but because of stupid laws, have their suffering drawn out.
Geeze... I don't think I can take anymore stress for awhile.

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