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March 16, 2001

Sega's leader passes away
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
One of the leading men behind Sega's corporate vision passed away this morning (March 16th, 2001). Mr. Isao Okawa, Director and Honorary Chairman of CSK Corp. (parent company to Sega), passed away at 3:47 in the afternoon in Japan due to cardiac failure at Tokyo Medical College Hospital. He was 74 years old. As well as being the head of CSK Corp. Mr. Okawa also was Sega's managing director, chairman of the board, and president.
The big question now is where this will leave Sega, since Mr. Okawa was such strong supporter and defender of the Sega division of his company. All one has to do is look at his recent $695.7 million (85 billion yen) private donation to the company to help keep Sega stable, and settle nervous investors who were worried about financial losses due to canceling the Dreamcast platform.
As a leader, you can see in his speeches that he had a clear vision of how he wanted Sega to exist in the marketplace, and where he wanted it to go as a company. Let's hope his vision persists, and that Sega can survive his loss.

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