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January 4, 2001

PS2 reviews and more DVD grrrs
   [ posted by: R.I.P ]
Ok, well I have the first few reviews up on the site that I promised. I've been a bit distracted the last few days with this whole DVD skipping issue. I went and picked up a copy of the "Digimon" DVD that contains the first 13 episodes of the first series (on one disk!). It's a great DVD, and this is exactly what I want to see for TV shows. People really using the medium to it's storage potential, and not just putting two or three half-hour shows on a disk.
With extras and everything, this disk comes in at a whopping seven hours of broadcast content! Cool. ...and the video quality was impressively good. I'll be buying more disks like these to be sure. ...anyways... my original point is while watching this disk on the PS2, it started skipping at around chapter 12! ggrrr... grrrr. So, I did some checking around and it looks like a few other people are having problems like this as well. So to make a long story short. I'm going to run all of these problem movies on a second PS2 this weekend and see if I get the same skipping errors. If I do, then you'll shortly see a web page dedicated to listing movies that do and don't work on the PS2.
Now, as for the reviews I mentioned... I've put up reviews for Fantavision, Moto GP, and Gradius III and IV. I will have more posted very soon.

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