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* Actraiser
Professional Level:
At the "Continue/New Game" screen, push U or D to select "Professional" level. This lets you play only the action segments of the game.
1-Up Locations:
"Bloodpool" - make it rain over the lake east the town, then speak with the towns people.
"Kasandora" - after you uncover the pyramid, create an additional earthquake.
"Northwood" - strike the temple with lightning.
* Actraiser 2
Fight The End Boss Of Actraiser 1:
Enter the password "Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz".
Fight Death Heim:
Select any difficulty level and enter the password "MFCL SYMC MSXF"
Fight Death Heim With 38 Lives:
Enter the password "MFMJ TVSY FVPX".
Play Demo:
Select "Hard" difficulty and enter the password "BJQX YRKC DLSZ".
Game Credits:
Enter the password "MTkM SkTk HNSH".
* The Addams Family
Additional Lives:
In "Lower Gallery", enter the bear's mouth that is not producing small bears.
4 1-Ups:
At the "Continue" screen, walk off the left side of the screen to get four lives.
Hidden Door:
At the beginning of the game, go to the hall of stairs and go left. After the last door on the left, press U to enter "Pugsley's Den". Enter the second door and you will end up in "Behind The Stairs".
Snappy Thing:
Durring the opening sequence you can make the Thing snap his fingers by press RT or LT.
          &#KKN - Start
          V1913 - After Pugsley
          B&J15 - After Grandma
          BD#K4 - After Wednesday
          BL91B - After Fester
          BZXYC - 5 Hearts, Pugsley rescued
          BDSXY - 72 Lives, Granny rescued
          B&1&B - 80 Lives, 5 Hearts, Granny and Pugsley rescued
          BLKX8 - 72 Lives, 5 Hearts, only Morticia missing
          11111 - 100 lives
          71117 - 100 Lives, 3 Hearts, Sword
          W111W - 100 Lives, 4 Hearts, Sword
          21112 - 100 Lives, 5 Hearts, Sword
          BLKX8 - Final Door Open 
* The Adventures Of Batman And Robin
Key: O=Circle, T=Triangle, S=Square, B=Blank
          BTOS OOTT TOST BTOB - Level 2
          SOSS TBOS SSBB BOST - Level 3
          OBBS SBTB SBBS BSBS - Level 4
          SSBT OOBB TOBT BBOB - Level 5
          OSSS SBTO OSSS TTBS - Level 6
          OBBS OOBS STTT OOOB - Level 7
          BOOB OOTS STBO BTOB - Level 8
* Aero Fighters
Boss Endurance Mode:
At the character select screen, press and hold RT, then press A, L, Y, R, X, D, B, and U.
Extra Fighters:
At the character select screen, press and hold RT, then press L, D, R, X, Y, A, B, L, D, R, D, X, Y, A, and B.
* Aero The Acro-Bat
Level Skip/Select:
At the "Start/Options" screen press D, A, D, Y, D, A, D, and Y, then start a new game. Now, at any point in the game, press U, X, D, B, L, Y, R, A, LT, and RT. Press SELECT at anytime to skip to the next level. Next, when you get to the "Bonus Point Countdown" screen, press and hold RT until the level select screen appears.
Level Select+ Menu:
At the above level select screen, press LT, RT, X, B, L, U, R, D, Y, and A.
Selectable Infinite Ammo:
At the above level select+ menu, press A, Y, LT, U, D, RT, A, Y, R, and L to manually turn infinite ammo on and off.
No Enemy Collision:
At the above level select+ menu, press D, A, Y, RT, Y, B, U, LT, Y, and A.
9 Continues:
At the "Title Picture" (not the title screen), press X, Y, B, A, X, A, B, Y, U, and RT. If entered correctly you will hear a sound.
5 Continues:
At the title screen press X, Y, B, A, X, A, B, Y, U, and LT.
* Aerobiz
Sound Test:
At the title screen hold SELECT and press START.
* Aerobiz Supersonic
Hidden Flag Game:
At the "Save" screen press SELECT to play a flag naming game.
* Air Fortress
           Fort| Quest 1 | Quest 2 
            2  |   N/A   |  11NA
            3  |  KA91   |  8AJI
            4  |  6KAI   |  TOBI
            5  |  8NYU   |  NDA4
            6  |  2APP   |  MA1K
            7  |  OS85   |  DOMO
            8  |  SUGA   |  7NDA
* Alien Vs. Predator
Level Select:
At the title screen press SELECT to enter "Config Mode" then press START. Now, at the "option" menu, on controller two, press and hold down (X+A+L+R), then on controller one, press START.
* Aladdin
Level Select:
At the "Options" screen, on controller two, press LT, RT, START, SELECT, X, Y, A, and B. If execute correctly you will hear a sound. Next go to the "Start" screen and you will see a number above "START". Using controller one, press LT or RT to change the level.
Level Skip:
At any time during play, press START to pause the game and then press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, and A. If entered correctly, you should hear a sound, see "LEVEL PASSED" on the screen, and jump to the next level.
Key: A=Aladdin, G=Genie, J=Jafar,
M=Abu, P=Princess, S=Sultan
          GMAS - The Cave of Wonders
          JMPG - Escape from the Cave of Wonders
          GJAM - Inside the Genie's Lamp
          MAGP - The Pyramid
          PJSP - "A Whole New World"
          JPAJ - Jafar's Palace
          APMS - Final Battle
* Alien Vs. Predator
Level Select:
At the "Configuration" screen, on controller two, press and hold (LT+RT+A+X), then on controller one press START.
* Alien 3
          QUESTION - Level 2
          MASTERED - Level 3
          MOTORWAY - Level 4
          CABINETS - Level 5
          SQUIRREL - Level 6
          OVERGAME - Ending
* Arcana
Sound Test:
At the title screen, press and hold (LT+RT+B) and press START.
* Art Of Fighting
View Credits:
Select "Story" mode and start a new game. As the game starts, pause the game and press U, X, L, Y, D, B, R, A, LT, and Y. Then unpause to see the credits.
* Athena
Power Up:
In "Area 1", find a large red and white mushroom, squat down on it and you will get the "Fire Sword", "Dragon Helmet", and "Lion's Shield".

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