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TTI/NEC's Turbo Grafx-16/Turbo Duo/PC Engine

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* Addams Family
79 Lives:
While Gomez says "Tully, my good man, how about a round of golf?" press U, U, R, D, L, and U.
* Advanced V.G. (Japanese release)
Play as Keiichi or Kei:
You need to have a multi-tap with a 6-button controller connected as controller two. When the "TGL" logo screen appears, on controller two, press and hold (U+I+III+V), then on controller one, press RUN. You can only use them in "VS." mode though. In the character selection screen for VS. mode, if you move the cursor to the far left or right of the bottom row, you should be able to choose Keiichi or Kei.
Fight Yuka only, in normal mode:
You need to have a multi-tap with a controller connected as controller two. Start up a Normal mode game with controller one. As soon as you hit RUN, start tapping RUN on controller two. The character selection screen should be black except for the two standing characters. Choose who you want to use for Player-1 then anyone for Player-2. After you beat up Player-2, your next opponents will all be Yuka. After you win nine matches, you'll see the ending for your character.
Extra Pic:
After the story mode, let the system sit for about three minutes and a picture of Yuka in the shower will appear.
* AeroBlaster
Extra Credits:
At title screen press (R+SELECT)x3. Then use U and D to get up to 9 credits.
Sound Test:
At title screen press (R+SELECT)x3. Press SELECT.
Level Select:
At title screen press (R+SELECT)x3. Press Ix10 for level 2. Press I once more for every further level you wish to go. Press SELECTx2, RUN.
Difficulty Level:
Press (U+L) then (D+R) while pressing SELECT repeatedly until screen turns Blue (easier) or Yellow (harder).
* Alien Crush
Extra Ball:
In the bonus round with skulls and green aliens, kill all of the green aliens and skulls, except for ONE SKULL. Without hitting the skull keep the ball in play for about 20 seconds, and a pterydactyl will appear, hit it. You get one million points and an extra ball when the board is cleared.
* Air Zonk
Sound Test:
With the power off, press and hold (I+II+SELECT) and then turn the machine on.
* Andre Panza Kick Boxing
Super Code:
DGDGDGKF - for 99% on all three attributes and $900,000
* Art of Fighting (Japanese release)
Hidden Game:
AoF includes a hidden game "DAIKON CUT" for non Arcade Card holders. Place a non AC system card in the console and turn it on, watch the skit, reset the system (Run+Select). Repeat until you have seen the skit three times and the hidden game will start.
* Avenger (Japanese release)
Extra weapons when you press at start:
At the title screen, press U, R, D, L, II, U, L, D, R, and I then press RUN to move onto the weapon configuration screen, you will have all of the weapons available to you.
At the title screen, press (U, R, D, L, II, U, L, D, R, I)x2 and then press RUN to move into the configuration area, in addition to all weapons being available to you, you will also be invincible to enemies and enemy fire.

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