What's New(s)

What's New(s)

News, rumors and other information
(originally posted 06/29/95)

* Nintendo drops out of CES:
In a move that surprised many, Nintendo has cancelled participation in the January, 1996 Winter Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the same time they have announced support of plans by the International Digital Software Association to run a yearly trade show which will take place beginning in May of 1996. Read Nintendo's press release for more information.
* Saturn release update:
Well, word from Sega is that Bug! will finally be out around July 20th for the Saturn... Confirmation on this comes via Babbages which are apparently showing a (week of) July, 17th shipping date. As for other Sega corporate releases for the Saturn; NHL All-Star Hockey and Cyber Speedway are set for a September release, and Black Fire while tentatively marked for September, may be pushed back to October. As far as third party titles go, September seems to be the general release point for the initial wave of games.
* What's up with those comics?:
A number of people have been wondering what's going on with our comics pages... Well, Dr. Otto, has been wrapped up in a move from Ohio to California... We expect to have things back to normal with him sometime next week, and should have his new comic posted soon.
* And last but not least...:
Sony has made no announced changes either in public or private on a revised release of the PlayStation. So like it our not, we're waiting till September 9th. Remember, patience is a virtue and if it's a good system now, it will be a good system then.

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(originally posted 06/13/95)

* Namco Classics for the PlayStation:
Well, on this topic there is good news and bad news. The good news is that yes, Namco has plans to reissue their classic titles for use on the PlayStation. In fact, the first of three (3) CDs will be released this fall in Japan. There is no confirmation as to which titles will be on what disks, but they'll all be there (I've been assured). The bad news is that this will only be released in Japan. Sony apparently, does not have any interest in having "classic" games made available for their platform at this time in the US, and there is no sign of a change on this in the future. The only other note is that Namco will release a Classics series in the US that will run under Windows, so if have a PC, you're not completely out of luck.
* Other Namco News:
Sources within the US division of Namco indicate that their first Saturn release will be Cybersled. Unfortunately no other titles have been named for cross-over from the PlayStation at this time. On another note though, I have been told that Ridge Racer is NOT going to be one of the those future Saturn releases.
* Street Fighter Legends
We finally got our hands on some additional footage of this upcoming game which will be released for the PlayStation and Saturn in early 1996. To check it out, jump over to Capcom's press release on the game.
* PlayStation Rumors A-Plenty:
If one was to believe the rumors on the net you would have a vast number of release dates for the PlayStation. As it stands, Sony in person and on the phone with Game Zero has been consistantly firm in their stance. September 9th is still the stated release date. There are many reasonings for this, first and formost, this release date gives them the ability to back up a promise of 20 titles for release with the system. Sony has put a lot of time and effort into their release plan schedule and an early release could potentially do more harm than good for the company.
* Game Zero T-Shirts:
Unfortunatly things are still in developemnt on this project... We will keep you updated and as soon as anything is available, we'll let you know.
* GameTek in the Rumors Again:
Well, many of you may have missed this one, but a rumor shot around the net recently that Nintendo may have taken over the Robotech game-project from GameTek to ensure a high quality for the title... The story even went so far as to suggest Nintendo may have purchased GameTek or at the least took a controlling interest. A quick call to Nintendo sorted this out. You guessed it, a total rumor. Nintendo has no plans currently to interceed in any third-party game development in this way, nor does it expect to at any point in the future.
* More Companies on the Net:
In the wake of E3, many companies have begun to bring web sites on-line. Most noteable of these have been Namco, Ocean, Williams, Atari and many more. To actually visit these sites, you can stop by our Links area to find jumps to the above company pages and those of others.

(compiled by R.I.P.)