Move Cements Industry Support for Single Yearly Show

REDMOND, WA--(June 13, 1995)--Nintendo of America today decided against participation in the Winter Consumer Electronics Show, scheduled for Las Vegas from January 5-8. At the same time, Nintendo announced full support for a single yearly trade show to be staged by the International Digital Software Association in Los Angeles in May of 1996.

"Obviously, we are both excited and gratified by the support shown to the IDSA by Nintendo," said Jack Heistand, chairman of the IDSA. "Their move acts to validate what the majority of people in our industry prefer--a single show every year which caters specifically to the needs of the interactive entertainment software industry."

Howard Lincoln, chairman of Nintendo of America, added, "Although we have enjoyed years of successful participation in CES shows, this clearly is the right decision not only for Nintendo, but for our third party publishers, retailers, and other business partners.

"Furthermore, a single trade show commitment will allow us more flexibility in directly communicating our many business plans throughout the year. And in 1996, those plans will include considerable news for Virtual Boy, the Super NES and Game Boy, as well as Nintendo Ultra 64, which will be introduced in Japan this November at the Shoshinkai Show, and launched in North America and Europe next April."

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