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DejaVu - (alpha) 3-D polygon technology demo...

** You need a java-capable browser to run this applet. **

Mouse in window:
...top of view area is walk forwards
...bottom of view area is walk backwards
...left of view area is turn left
...right of view area is turn right
...(of course you can get variants on turn/rotation by moving your mouse towards corners... etc...)
Mouse out of window:
...pause action
Mouse click (left click) is fire guns
...up-arrow tip head up
...down-arrow tip head down
...'S' sound on/off (default off)
...'N' night sky (default)
...'D' day sky

We're currently working on a 3-D polygon game development engine for Java base game development. Our first title we plan to release using this engine will be the game DejaVu. You can check out an early prototype of this game above but be aware that since this is an alpha release there are some bugs in the compile.

Currently you will need a Java compatible browser to run this applet, we've had success launching the applet with most Windows and OS/2 browsers we threw at it... (for OS/2, best performance will be had with the HotJava browser or recent Netscape versions)

Known bugs: (we know what's causing these and will fix then in a future compile)
...some of the shadows are mispainting.
...on the floating cubes... sometimes it will appear as if you you are not getting anywhere when you walk. This is because of a miscalc involving the small floating cubes collision area. Just shoot all of the cubes away and you will be able to walk freely.
...error under NS 2.x for OS/2 causing general meyhem on the screen.

Enjoy and feel free to write the our lead programmer for this project if you have any feedback, questions, or are interested in seeing a commercial 3-D polygon Java game developers package soon (whew... that's a mouth full).

We can be reached at: team-0@gamezero.com.

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