Air Hockey - by Neural Override JARS Top Rated

Air Hockey is a one- or two-player classic air hockey java simulation. Players must use their paddles to smash the puck into the opposing goal. The first player to score 21 points wins!

How to Play: Use the push buttons on the right to toggle between a two player match or one player versus the computer. [Two-player mode is local only; other networked games are coming soon.]

Use the keyboard to maneuver your paddle - player one uses the I J K and M keys; player two uses R D F C. Player one may also drag the paddle with the mouse. Naturally, you can only move your paddle about arm's reach across the table. You can get a little extra reach by building up some momentum. The first player to score 21 points wins the match.

This applet is scalable! Choose one of three resolutions to play:

You can also create your own resolutions by downloading a copy of the web page and editting the height and width tags.

Have Fun!

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