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I-Force By Immersion Corp.


I-Force once again had the most compelling display for force-feedback. The I-Force interface has essentially become the de-facto standard with CH Products and Logitech embracing it, and many others including Thrustmaster, Gravis, SC&T2, Interactive I/O, ACT-LABS and even Microsoft supporting it. Keep a lookout for some really cool products like a Force Feedback Wheel from Thrustmaster and CH, as well as New Joysticks from Logitech and CH. This year, the two best demonstrations of the technology from I-Force were the development environment which let you fine tune the feel of forces, and a racing game (either Andretti Racing or the Need For Speed II, I forget which because the Force feedback was so enthralling) with a wheel and racing bucket seat. The point to this is that as I drove the car into hard corners at insane speeds, I felt the road in the wheel tugging at my hand in the high G corners. It made me pay attention to the road in the game, something I normally only do in real driving!


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