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Past Featured Audio

* MP3 of Psygnosis' WipeOut 3 for the Sony PlayStation

Audio format: MP3
Audio source: from the US release
File size: 3.0 Megs
Notes:This audio track is a sample of music from the WipEout 3 Soundtrack.
      The tracks/artist featured are as follows:
      t01 -- Sasha - "Feisar"
      t03 -- Sasha - "Icaras"
      t04 -- Orbital - "Know Where To Run"
      t07 -- Propellerheads - "Lethal Cut"
      t09 -- Chemical Brothers - "Under the Influence"
      t13 -- Sasha - "XPander"

Past Featured Videos

* Psygnosis' Assault Rigs for the Sony Playstation

* Sunsoft's Batman for the Nintendo Entertainment System

* Takara's Battle Arena Tohshinden for the Sony Playstation

* Atari's Blue Lightning for the Atari Jaguar-CD

* Vic Tokai's Criticom for the Sony Playstation

* Namco's CyberSled for the Sony Playstation

* Taito's Darius Plus for the PC-Engine Super Grafx

* Psygnosis' Destruction Derby for the Sony Playstation

* Nintendo's DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest for the Super NES

* Sony's ESPN Extreme Sports for the Sony PlayStation

* Sega's Hang-On GP for the Sega Saturn

* Nintendo's Killer Instinct for the Super NES

* Sony Interactive's Krazy Ivan for the Sony PlayStation

* Working Designs' Lunar: Eternal Blue for the SegaCD

* Williams Entertainment's Mortal Kombat 3 for the Sony PlayStation

* Capcom's Resident Evil for the Sony PlayStation

* Namco's Ridge Racer for the Sony Playstation

* Sega Sports' Sega Rally for the Sega Saturn

* Crystal Dynamics' Solar Eclipse for the Sega Saturn

* Blue Sky's VectorMan for the Sega Genesis

* Nintendo's Vertical Force for the Virtual Boy

* Electronic Arts' Viewpoint for the Sony Playstation

* Nintendo's Wario Land for the Virtual Boy

* Psygnosis' WipeOut E3 preview video

* Psygnosis' WipeOut for the Sony PlayStation

* Sega Sports' World Series Baseball for the Sega Saturn

Links to player sites.

You can check Intel's (now Ligos) web site for AVI player/conversion related materials at:
* for general Indeo AVI related files -- "".

You can find MP3 players for most platforms at:
* "".

In January 2007, all of the videos were converted to MPEG-1 format due to the inability of most players to handle the older Indeo format AVI files. Both files are available now for download.

In February 2014, all of the videos were uploaded to YouTube, and individual download links have been added to the each page.

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