XBAND Logo 49ers Crush Cowboys On XBAND

As you may know, XBAND held a grudge match between the 49ers and Cowboys on October 7th via the new Madden NFL 96'. The event was a resounding success with the press, players and Electronic Arts all very excited about working to create an event that could only be held on XBAND.

The score? The visiting 49ers crushed the Cowboys 22 to 7.

The match was played over XBAND with Derrick Deese and Nate Singleton for the Niners (XBANDing from San Mateo, CA.) vs. Robert Jones and Larry Allen of the Cowboys (XBANDing from Dallas, TX.). Local stations as well as Fox Sports showed up to cover the event. There is even a possibility that Fox Sports will show some of the match before the 49ers/Cowboys game on Sunday.

A videoconference was maintained throughout the match so each side could see the others reaction and converse before and after the game. Then each side picked an icon to represent them, chose a name and taunt, then connected for play.

The 49ers took an early 8 to 0 lead but the Cowboys came roaring back with their own touchdown after a 50 yard run by Emmitt Smith (big surprize). The 49ers quickly scored again on a touchdown pass from Steve Young to Nate Singleton (since Nate was one of the game players he was very excited about the catch).

By the end of the first half the 49ers were still in the lead, with the score at 22 to 7. Having made their last touchdown in the final 30 seconds of the half.

In the second half, the game became a defensive struggle. Although one of the more significant plays occured when the 49ers tried a 40 yard field goal which Doug Brien missed. Of course, this got a rise out of the crowd. In the end though, no score was made for the half, and the final final score stood from the first half.

After the game ended, the players all went into chat. Derrick rubbed in the win saying the Cowboys were losers and shouldn't play on XBAND. The Cowboys responded by saying they would see them on Sunday... (at the real game).

[NOTE: Emmitt Smith, Steve Young, Doug Brien were represented strictly as characters within the game, and not actually present for play.]

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