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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--August 2, 1995--The best next-generation deal just got better!

For a limited time, Sega of America is giving Virtua Fighter Remix, a special edition version of the arcade hit, to all registered Sega Saturn owners at no additional cost; this software giveaway adds even more value to the Sega Saturn purchase, which comes free with Virtua Fighter already in the box.

Sega Saturn, Sega's platform for the future, has sold more than 1 million units in Japan since its introduction in November 1994. Launched in the United States on May 11 in limited national distribution, Sega Saturn has sold out in retail stores across the country; Sega is working to meet strong demand for the advanced system by increasing manufacturing, and will be in full distribution by early September 1995.

Virtua Fighter Remix, gets it into the "ring" with all the original characters and moves of the original Sega Saturn game in addition to astounding new textured-mapped graphics and more polygons that will make gamers kick and punch for more!

Registered Sega Saturn owners who purchase Sega's next-generation videogame system before Sept. 30, 1995, will receive a free copy of Virtua Fighter Remix in the mail.

To qualify for this special promotion, Sega Saturn owners must call 800/SEE-SATURN by midnight Sept. 30, 1995.

Sega of America is the arm of Tokyo-based Sega Enterprises Ltd. responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of Sega videogame systems and software in the Americas. Sega Enterprises Ltd. is a nearly $4 billion company known as a leader in interactive digital entertainment media with operations on five continents. Sega of America's Internet addresses are: (World Wide Web); GO SEGA (CompuServe Forum); (email); (ftp site).

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