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- September 9 Was Largest Day in History of Video Game Industry -

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--March 25, 1996--Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) Monday announced that 1 million units of Sony's PlayStation game console have been sold since its launch Sept. 9, 1995.

Taking the industry by storm, the PlayStation game console has consistently outsold its competitors by a significant margin, enabling it to capture 76 percent of the "next-generation" unit sales since September.

"A little over a year ago, SCEA had one mission: to become the leader in next-generation gaming and we have made that a reality," said Jim Whims, executive vice president, SCEA. "We have delivered the ultimate game machine with a steady stream of software that has provided consumers with an entertainment experience they could not find anyplace else."

"The retail community has done a fabulous job meeting the demands of the consumers -- the numbers speak for themselves."

"Since our initial meetings back at CES in January 1995, we were convinced that the PlayStation was the system of the future," said Jim Mackenzie, senior buyer, Kay-Bee Toys. "At launch, the PlayStation dominated our storefronts and it quickly became the No. 1 platform at Kay-Bee. This trend has continued into the spring."

The success experienced by SCEA is undoubtedly benefiting the industry. TRSTS (Toy Retail Sales Tracking Service), a survey of 17 major retailers, is an independent reporting source of sell-through data. According to TRSTS, prior to the PlayStation game console's introduction, the "next-generation" category accounted for just 10 percent of total 1995 hardware sales.

From September through December, with SCEA holding the leadership position, the next-generation category recorded 25 percent of all game console sales and most important, 46 percent of all total dollar sales. Momentum continues to build, as in January the total dollar sales number grew to 53 percent. The transition from 16-bit to next-generation gaming is well underway.

In addition to the hardware sales, software sales have also been extremely strong. First- and third-party titles combined have resulted in sales in excess of 7 million units. During the September-through-December period, PlayStation software outsold even its closest next-generation competitor by a 3-to-1 margin.

Entering 1996, the sports category is leading the way among SCEA's titles -- NFL GameDay has sold more than 300,000 units, with NHL Face Off in excess of 200,000. In the next two months, NBA ShootOut and MLB Pennant Race will be distributed, rounding out the set of exclusive PlayStation sports products.

In addition, the software library is expanding to include a wider range of genres, including role playing games ("RPGs"), strategies and simulations.

Consumers have been able to purchase the PlayStation game console at nearly 20,000 stores across North America. Product is being distributed through mass merchants, toy stores, speciality stores, as well as video rental stores. Partnering with retailers has been of prime importance to SCEA during the roll-out of the PlayStation game console.

Target recently named SCEA its "Vendor of the Year" in the videogame category (which included both hardware and software manufacturers). "The two key factors in determining this award were: 1) the support and commitment demonstrated by Sony to Target, and 2) the overall marketing leadership exhibited since the launch of the PlayStation.

"Its message to our consumers, the 'cool factor' they created for the PlayStation, helped us sell-through the product," said Tom Olson, senior buyer of video electronics, Target.

Sony Computer Entertainment America, a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., is based in Foster City, Calif. The company markets the PlayStation game console for distribution in North America, publishes software for the PlayStation game console for the the North American market, and manages the U.S. third-party licensing program. Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Corp. of America.

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