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What's New(s)

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(originally posted 07/29/96)

* Camp Hyrule '96
Summer camp takes on a different definition with a little help from Nintendo this summer. Nintendo Power Source has announced that Camp Hyrule '96 is back online by popular demand. Camp Hyrule is a online summer camp that provides a creative, forum for children of all ages to participate in traditional summer camp activities, as well as share experiences with other campers across the country. In order to register, participants need to log into "Nintendo Power Source" via America Online (keyword:"NINTENDO", then access through "What's new", "Play it Loud", or "Special Events") where they will be assigned to a specific cabin group. Personal Nintendo game counselors will assist these groups in cabin events such as trivia contests and video game challenges. Special camp-wide activities include live chats with video game industry experts, e-mail relay races, interactive camp fire stories, "virtual" nature hikes and overnight camp-outs (special late night chat shows). Registration begins Monday, August 5th, and the seven day camp itself runs from Monday, August 12th to Saturday, August 17th. The final day of camp will be a Parents Day where Nintendo will showcase campers projects and other activities.
* General Update
So, you're asking "What happened to our planned updates?" or "Why are things so slow on the site?". Well, these are good questions... Just so you know we haven't given up on our readers, here's what's happening. As everyone probably knows, we moved our site just under two months ago to a new server/service provider following numerous problems with our old host which caused update problems for us and regular access problems for readers. This move at first seemed like it would be a blessing but a few problems later and this new host has notified us now that they have decided to close down their business... therefore we must move again. The good news in this? Well at this very moment we're working out setting up the site on a machine we own to a connection we have control over (ie: no more service providers!). The bad news? Well, until this happens (sometime in the month of August), updates are still going to be somewhat sporadic, and the site may be inaccessable breifly as we get things redirected with the Internic. Thanks to everyone for your patience though, and honestly we'll have everything running smooth again.

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(originally posted 07/05/96)

* N64 Has Smooth Launch
The Nintendo 64 was launched last month in Japan, and to no ones surprise, the entire 500,000 unit pre-ordered stock was sold out within hours of stores opening. Now the countdown for the U.S. release really begins.

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