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What's New(s)

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(originally posted 05/10/96)

* Dark Stalkers For PlayStation
Many of you have been wondering what happened to Dark Stalkers for the PlayStation. Well, according to Capcom, the whole game was contracted out to a seperate third party developer for conversion. Apparently when this team finished work on the Japanese release, they took a one month vacation, then came back to do the U.S. port. Capcom has inidicated that they have received the final U.S. version this past week, and are submitting it to Sony for a release date at the beginning of June. Will there be any differences? Yes, the main one that everyone will notice is that the "Trouble Man" theme song and intro were completely stricken from the U.S. version, leaving it with no intro music. Other than that, the game should be identical to it's Japanese counterpart.
* Other Capcom News
In light of the tremendous amount of negative feedback over the U.S. box art for Street Fighter Alpha, Capcom has indicated that the box art for the sequal Street Fighter Alpha 2 will be anime style artwork. In other news, Capcom has announce a new Coin-Op game which will be premiered at E3. Schedualed for a July '96 release, Star Gladiator, is a futuristic weapons fighting game that will be Capcom's first 3-D fighter. Look for an expanded preview (with screen shots) for this game over weekend.

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(originally posted 05/01/96)

* The Rumor That Wouldn't Die
Just like last year, rumors have begun to run rampant about a potential pre-launch release of a major console platform. This time it's not from Sega though... word is Nintendo may sneak their competition with a U.S. launch of their Nintendo 64 system at the E3 show. Of course Nintendo has completely denied this rumor... which could be just that, a RUMOR. In any event the rumor has been so persistent, that the Game Zero staff figured it would be fun to consider the possibilities. First and foremost on the side for it not happening is the idea that Nintendo -- or any other Japanese console manufacturer -- would even consider releasing a platform in the U.S. before releasing in Japan. This one item alone is a pretty good argument against a release. As for indicators pointing the other way... well, here's what we've heard. A confidential source within Nintendo has indicated to us that around 11 titles are now at a state where they could be considered for an early release. The list currently consists of: Super Mario 64, PilotWings 64, Super Mario Kart R, Star Fox 64, Kirby Bowl 64, Wave Race 64, Buggie-Boogie, Blastdozer, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Body Harvest, and Creator. Additionally, we were told that the new Zelda game is close to complete, with a possiblity of being finished by this Fall (yes you heard right -- Fall, 96 -- does this mean the Bulky Drive could be in stores as early as this Fall as well?). Another rumor is the story reported by numerous other publications about Nintendo having built up a huge stock of Nintendo 64 consoles in a warehouse(s) in Redmond, Washington (pointing to the idea that Nintendo may already have a launch supply of machines ready to ship). Our last rumor on this points back to the idea against an early release... and that is that Nintendo may have decided to delay their Japanese launch in order to run a U.S. launch. Of course, as noted in the beginning of this piece, all of this could be 100 percent rumor. But rumor or not, we will know for sure(???) in about two weeks.
* Tekken 2 Hits Million Mark In Japan
(*)Tekken 2, released in Japan on March 29 for the PlayStation, has now sold over one million copies making it the most successful 32-bit game release to date. (...now we just need to get it released in the U.S.)
* Namco Branches Out
Reports are surfacing that Namco will develop for the Nintendo 64 platform. Signs indicate that the first title to be released for the system will be the long awaited home port of Rave Racer. If we actually see this game accurately translated to Nintendo's system, it should prove to be a good benchmark to gauge capabilities by.
* A New Style Of Game Company
(*)In the ever growing leagues of game development companies, add the group of "Trading Companies" to that list. The Japanese firm, Itochyu Trading Company has announced it will be developing games in the Japanese market. Their first title -- already under works -- will be a shooting game for the PlayStation and Saturn platforms. In the past Itochyu has been known in Japan for its importing of American and European PC titles into the Japanese market.
* Sega Soft Develops Off-Saturn Titles
It's come to our attention that Sega Soft (a subsidiary of Sega of America) will be developing now for the PC, PlayStation... and if rumors hold true, even the Nintendo 64 and other platforms. Formal release plans will be spelled out at E3, with information as to who will be coding games and what titles are planned. As it stands, one of the firms to produce/transfer games under the Sega Soft banner appears to be Rocket Science (of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs fame). Check back soon for additional news on this item. (Thanks to Andrew Phelan for the heads up on this story.)

(compiled by R.I.P.. *Japanese news coverage has been contributed in part or whole by "Game Japan" Magazine)