What's New(s)

What's New(s)

News, rumors and other information
(originally posted 10/26/95)

* 3DO and Matsushita Join Together
3DO and Matsushita signed an agreement giving Matsushita exclusive rights over 3DO's M2 technology yesterday (10/25). In return, 3DO is receiving $100 million for licensing, plus additional fees for royalties on future software and hardware releases. If you want more news on this story, you can read 3DO and Matsushita's press release about it.
* Psygnosis' Revised US Release Schedule (yet again)
While this news item is almost turning into a regular feature, we've been assured that these dates should finally be final. Current revised release dates are as follows: Novastorm - 10/27, Discworld - 10/27, 3-D Lemmings - 10/27, Destruction Derby - 11/4, and Wipeout - 11/18. These dates are official as of 10/23.
* LucasArts Announces...
On October 19th, LucasArts finally announced its long awaited first project for the Nintendo Ultra 64. Entitled Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, the game's story will take place between the time of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and will feature all of your favorite Star Wars enemies. The game will also be part of a shower of related products, including a novel, a comics series from Dark Horse Comics, and a trading card series illustrated by the Brothers Hildebrandt.
* Targeting Saturn Rumors
In a recent conversation with Sega about many of the rumors floating around these days, two things were nailed down. 1) there are no plans for a "Saturn 2" console platform for release anytime in the next few years (I quote a source at Sega, "...we've learned our lesson from releasing so many systems in the past..."), and 2) there definately will be a future add on piece of hardware which will use the expansion port, and will add funtionality to the current Saturn platform (no release date specified).
* Nintendo Power Gets a Scoop
Recently Nintendo Power's web site beat out all of the other Ultra 64 fans by showing off the new U64 controller on their web site. We have a copy of the photo here, or you can check it out on Nintendo Power's web site via the link in our Web Links area. The controller features three hand-grips with an analog joystick off of the center grip. There is also one button located on the bottom of the controller.
* ...and the Official Showing Is...
At then end of November, Nintendo will finally display a working Ultra 64 console, along with previews of a number of upcoming titles (11/24 is the official showing, with 11/25-11/26 planned for open showing to the public). The event will take place at Shoshin-kai (a conference of distributor companies that deal with the toy and video game market in Japan). Be sure to keep an eye on Game Zero for coverage of the event.
* How-to, S-Video
To be brief, if you want to take advantage of the S-Video on your PlayStation, you will have to buy your cable directly from Sony. According to sources, there are currently no plans to offer this cable for sale in retail outlets anytime soon.
* Prices Dropping Left and Right
Both Nintendo and Sega have recently put through price drops on their hardware. Sega has dropped the price of it's Saturn unit to $299, and Nintendo has dropped the price of its Virtual Boy unit to $159. With a few more price cuts, we could be looking at an interesting Christmas season...
* Well... It Could be a Rumor...
We've now heard from two independent sources that Sega has signed up with one of the producers of the 3DO M2 chipset. This definately points to potential 3DO software support for the Saturn via an add on module... and with the big changes going on over at 3DO, only time will tell on this item.
* ..and If You Were Wondering
Last week the deals were finally finalized, the Amiga will live. After a long and drawn out bankruptcy, the Amiga has a new owner, and the Amiga 4000 series will be rejuvinated as graphics workstations. Maybe even placed back into large scale production. Although, there is currently no news yet on American availability.
* Microsoft Finishes "DirectX"
Microsoft has finally finished the graphics engine for Windows95 (designed to replace WinG) named DirectX. They have even reported this new technology to be as much as 20 percent faster than DOS. Currently ID, Acclaim, Interplay, and others have agreed to port titles to this new engine.
* Mortal Kombat 2 Coming Soon?
The official word now is that the PlayStation will actually be getting a port of Mortal Kombat 2. No release date has been set yet, but we've been told "soon".

* * *
(originally posted 10/02/95)

* Psygnosis' Revised Release Schedual
If you're waiting on any of the expected US PlayStation, Psygnosis releases the good new is, they are coming. The bad news is, you're going to have to wait. Current revised release dates are as follows: Novastorm - 10/6, Discworld - 10/13, Wipeout - 10/20, 3-D Lemmings - 10/27, and Destruction Derby - 11/17. Of course, these dates are still subject to change, but this is the official schedual as of 10/2.
* Capcom's Release Plans To!
Whew... We have confirmed with Capcom that DarkStalkers:The Night Warriors for the Sega Saturn should hit US stores sometime in mid-January. For those of you who are import happy, it will be released December 30th, in Japan. As well, Street Fighter Legends should be out in the US for both the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn in February, 1996.

(compiled by R.I.P.)