The PC-Gaming Arena Scoring system is designed with PC's, not home consoles, in mind. Because of this, games are scored not only on their graphics, sound and gameplay, but also their compatibility. A game is no fun if you can never get it to run, or the demands are far out of reach of the average person. However, since for some, gaming comes with no price tags, these compatibility factors are put in a seperate section. This gives us several sections:

The Overall catagory gives a brief history of the game, what it is about, and our opinions on it. This is the most important section if you are trying to find out more on a game. Topics like gameplay, graphics and sound are discussed here.

The Compatibilty catagory is devoted soely to how well a game runs on the average system. If you have an older system, or don't know how to modify your configuration files this section is vital. We will also list how to set up games under various operating systems like Dos, Windows 95, and OS/2. When games have updates or patches available on the Internet you will find these linked in this section as well.

Last Notes
Last notes is a section that ties it all together. If a game has a special feature that you don't find often, it will be highlighted here. If you want a real quick opinion, just skip to this section.

They say to save the best for last... So we did. The scores section is a no-holds-barred rating of a game. Each section is on a scale of 0-25, with 25 being best, 0 being worst. There are a total of 4 catagories to give a game an overall score out of 100. Each score has a very short note to explain why a game scored this in a section. This is mostly for people who want a quick opinion, and don't read the overview. These sections are
* Graphics : How visually impressive is the game...
* Gameplay : How does the game feel...
* Longetivity : Will the game become boring quickly, or is it worth playing through many times...
* Compatibility : How likely is this game to work with your system.

Well enough with the explanations -- to the Reviews!

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