Unnecessary Roughness '96

Unnecessary Roughness '96 is very well done and presented. With more than 1,300 NFL players to choose from, you can create your own league and conduct a draft. And with over 1,300 plays to run, it makes the game just as exciting play. Accolade has also brought the game closer to you than ever before, by bringing you right in on the play with a variety of camera angles and "Action Cams".

We only tested this selection in DOS and had to create a boot disk in order to load and play the game with no problems.

Last Notes
This very exciting football fantasy come true has everything you need to replay famous games, simulate games never played or create a league of your own. A must for the serious football fan or the novice that wants to get more involved.



* Graphics : 25/25
Absolutely incredible for a sports game! Moving cameras, high resolution, true 3d, multiple simultaneous camera views during gameplay, helmet cam... The list goes on!!

* Gameplay : 22/25
I like the fact that you can control every aspect of the game, but don't pick the wrong play, unless you're good at audibles.

* Longetivity : 24/25
If you can get more people involved, this game will keep your interest for a long time to come with the realism provided with Expanded General Manager options (i.e. trading, salary caps...

* Compatibility : 20/25
Accolade recommends running it in DOS and it does once you make a boot disk which the game software will aid you in doing. The game is not designed to take advantage of the other operating systems -- however, Accolade lets you know that up front.