Sim City 2000 -- OS/2

Maxis' classic Sim City now claims another platform -- OS/2. Most people are familiar with Maxis' long list of Simulators that boast years of gameplay, and wonderful simulation. Sim City 2000 is no exception. A wonderful simulator that provides literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of enjoyment. The OS/2 version has everything that the Dos version did, only runs well under the increasingly popular OS/2 Warp.

First off, this version requires OS/2. Once you've reached that hurdle, you'll need to have a 486-66, at least 8 MB ram (16 to run well), and an OS/2 compatible SVGA card. This game uses the new DIVE technology -- so you'll also need to make sure your video card is compatible with that. All of our OS/2 test machines worked without a hitch. Since the game runs native under OS/2, there is no hassle setting up sound cards, video cards, or other settings -- just click and go.

Last Notes
If you've made the switch to OS/2, and are looking to build up a game library -- this title should be near the top of your list. It is a wonderful translation, perfect in seemingly every way. A must have title.

-The Ferrari Man.


* Graphics : 21/25
The Sim City 2000 graphics focus mostly on functionality, although they are clean as well. Nothing too spectacular, but good. Video Speed under OS/2 seemed to be good as well.

* Gameplay : 24/25
The Sim City series game play is one of the things that made it famous. All of the jtools are right at your fingertips, and there are plenty of places to build.

* Longetivity : 25/25
This game is one that you can play for a life time. The wonderful city scenarios, and the ability to jump into a dieing city really add to the very long term enjoyment anyone will get from this title.

* Compatibility : 18/25
The game seems to have pretty steep system requirements, but the fact that you typically do not have to configure anything is nice.