The side scrolling action games have been upstaged lately by the new 3D action and strategy titles, Rayman is the exception. This title is truely a must have. As Rayman, you enter a colorful 2D side scrolling world, full of action, adventure, and lots of excitement. With 70 levels, and a good soundtrack, this title will keep you busy for a long time. The character animation is also a real treat in this title.

Rayman claims to run happily with a 486-33 with 4MB of ram. However, you had better have one heck of a fast 486-33 to do this. We'd recommend at least a local bus 486-66 to take full advantage of this title. It runs under your full compliment of operating systems, and supports all types of configurations. Overall, this title performed very well in our compatibility tests.

Last Notes
This is a great title that will entertain anyone from children to adults. If you buy it for your children, make sure to leave yourself a little time to play!! The Ferrari Man Highly recommends this title.

-The Ferrari Man.


* Graphics : 24/25
Super colorful graphics, and incredible character animations really put this game tops in the graphics catagory. Lots of different enemies, backgrounds, and various scenery keep you looking at this title.

* Gameplay : 24/25
Smooth, fun Game Play really mark this title. The game is a blast to play from start to finish. It has been a long time since such a good platform game has been out for the PC.

* Longetivity : 21/25
With the good soundtrack, and light nature to the game, it is easy to play this game again and again. However, because of the nature of a platform game (no head to head human opponents) the game may eventually tire.

* Compatibility : 23/25
The game ran on all of the configurations that we through at it -- including the 486s. This really helps this title in this genre. More detailed instructions are the only thing that keeps this title from the last 2 points.