Marco Polo

Discover the world of Marco Polo - even on a 386! You become a 13th century merchant who must balance profits, hire security and accept quests while traveling around europe and asia. Marco polo offers hours of gameplay with 63 towns to visit, 334 different trading missions along with 2000 digitized images and extensive video footage to represent 13th century life.

If this game will not run on your multimedia computer, you have a serious problem on your hands... it only needs a 386 DX 33, 4 MB of RAM (575K free conventional), a 1x CD-ROM, a 256k VGA card, and a SoundBlaster Compatible sound card. With a little tweaking on the conventional memory, it will run under OS/2 without any trouble - even running in a DOS window on the desktop. There should be no trouble with this game under Windows95; however, there does not appear to be an autoload feature, which would have been a nice addition since the game is rated for ages 6+.

Last Notes
This is good educational title for learning about the history surrounding Marco Polo (no surprises there!) The graphics are less than exceptional, using a lot of 320x200, 256 color still screens to tell the story. The premise appears to have sprung from a revamped Oregon Trail style plot. Now, there's nothing wrong with this approach, and it has been done rather well here, with trading complexities such as haggling, and choosing what to buy and sell at which city to make the best profit. Marco Polo does feel rather like a CD-I game that Phillips moved over to the PC platform, but that is fine for the genre this game falls into. Marco Polo is not overflowing with vivid images for the multimedia freaks, but it is a solid title for anyone interested in Marco Polo. There are literally hours of narrated slideshow sequences which are very interesting hidden under the heading Documentation .


* Graphics : 7/25
A 1x CD-ROM, 320x200 256color stills, and 160x120 video clips. This game was never meant to be graphically impressive.

* Gameplay : 15/25
It would have helped to have a short tutorial or instruction manual, but is not too hard to figure out. The control is fairly logical for an adventure/merchant style game.

* Longetivity : 20/25
Marco Polo certainly has the potential to be played many times over, and still find new twists.

* Compatibility : 24/25
Is there a Unix version? Ok, doc one on compatibility! It should run fine on _any_ DOS machine which meets the minimum requirements.

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