JetFighter II

Jetfighter II has just been re-released by Memorex -- at a great price. This title was not released to compete with the latest and greatest from companies like NovaLogic -- but rather to provide people with older machines, or younger children, a wonderful alternative to the expensive PC gaming market. At under $10, and only requiring an XT/AT (yes, that's right a 286), this is a welcomed alternative. Jet Fighter 2 is a fairly fast Flight Simulator, that is loads of fun to play. Fair graphics and sound make this a title that will hold anyone not demanding the leading edge in games attention for a good while.

A 286 with 640K... Do I need to say more? But it does also support the new SoundBlaster sound cards, and even your Pentium machines if you are purchasing this as a game for your newer machine.

Last Notes
Memorex is filling in a void -- inexpensive PC games. Many people have older machines that they use for Word Processing, or for their children, and these games are great for them. And at under $10, you know you can get your money's worth.

-The Ferrari Man.


* Graphics : 09/25
The graphics are hardly at today's standards -- but if you took in the cost adjustment, the graphics per dollar rating would be closer to 20/25.

* Gameplay : 20/25
By any days standards, the GamePlay on JetFigher II is good. The interface is simple enough, that even a youngster starting up on PC games should be able to figure it out without a problem.

* Longetivity : 12/25
Don't expect this game to last forever, but at the low price of the software series, it is lots of fun.

* Compatibility : 23/25
The super low system requirements really help this title out. However, because of the older nature of the game, it does require a little bit of setup.