HardBall 5

Imagine Babe Ruth of the 1916 Red Sox pitching against Babe Ruth of the 1927 Yankees. Yes, this thrilling PC baseball game has everything that the serious baseball fan wants and needs to play the most realistic simulation of the "National Past-time" I have ever seen. From legendary line-ups to running the squeeze bunt, this game is extremely well developed, and with Al Michaels calling the game and adding color it's as close to being at the game as you can get.

This selection was only tested in a DOS environment but installed and played without a hitch. Accolade does not recommend running it under OS/2, or other OS's. Some may need to use the included boot disk utility.

Last Notes
Accolade has done an amazing job bringing baseball's idiosyncrasies to the computer world. Incredible graphics and extremely deep statistics makes this a great choice. A must for any Baseball fan, and a title that could convince even the skeptical that baseball is still America's Number 1 passtime.



* Graphics : 25/25
High resolution, realistic ballparks and seamless high resolution gameplay earns a perfect mark.

* Gameplay : 24/25
You can control everything! And the instant replay function is fantastic.

* Longetivity : 25/25
I'm playing a computer controlled simulation of the 1961 Yankees versus the 1906 Cubs while I'm writing this review and its as good as watching a game on TV.

* Compatibility : 18/25
Accolade recommends running it in DOS and it does flawlessly. However, added support for other operating systems would be nice.