The Dig

The Dig relies on its great storyline and high quality production to pull this title to the top. The story is captivating, and well thought out. The production level is wonderful, and helps to pull you in. Not a title for the impatient, however. If you enjoy sitting down to a good book -- or a long Sci-fi movie, then this title is for you. The adventure engine is good, although nothing ground breaking. The graphics are clean, and help to build the story -- although they also are not ground breaking. However, the combination of all of these together makes for another excellent Lucas Arts title.

The Dig may pose a few problems for some peoples machines. We found that it really needs a Pentium with a decent video card, a good sound card, and a 2x or 4x CD-rom at the least. 16 MB of ram also seems to really help -- although it will run on 8 MB. It is also built strictly as a Dos based title, so we did not test it under the other operating systems.

Last Notes
The Dig is a good title for anyone looking for a good story to sit down to. For anyone looking for quick action, or a game chock full of Game Play -- you may wish to look elsewhere. However, as an adventure title the production and story of The Dig put it on the top of the list for great adventure titles.

-The Ferrari Man.


* Graphics : 18/25
The graphics were clean, and well placed. However, they were nothing ground breaking, or too exciting.

* Gameplay : 18/25
The Gameplay is appropriate for the genre game, but did not attempt to add any new level of play to the game.

* Longetivity : 24/25
With a replay value extremely high, and all of the multiple paths that you can take, this title really does well for sticking around on your shelf for some time.

* Compatibility : 16/25
The system requirements for this title seemed very steep.