Brain Dead 13

Brain Dead 13 pits you as a witty computer repair man, entering none other than an evil doctors house who plans to take over the world. This tried and true plot takes a comical twist with a funny story, and cute animation. The game has no real game play to speak of -- done in the style made famous with Dragon's Lair, and Space Ace. This title is sometimes more fun to watch then to play. Some of the death sequences are a little extreme for the very young, but the game is so funny that it makes for a good kids game.

Expect to have a moderately fast video card, and a good CD-Rom and sound card for this title. Once you get the other than that, the game should run on about any system that you throw at it.

Last Notes
A fun game, but the theme of the point and click genre is very old. A new twist on the gameplay would have really helped make this game a long time enjoyable title. However, the fun cartoony nature falls short once you've either been through, or seen someone else work the game through. Overall fun, but a better game to rent, or borrow than to own.

-The Ferrari Man.


* Graphics : 23/25
The cartoony graphics were clean, well drawn, and very comical. The game was very funny.

* Gameplay : 04/25
You gurantee that you will go through the same area the same way, and the simple point and click game play is a tired theme. This needed some work.

* Longetivity : 15/25
Once through is all that this game really gives you, but if you do own it, there will be a lot of friends who would enjoy seeing the game through, or borrowing it.

* Compatibility : 18/25
Fair compatibility -- about par for the course. Extra support for the new operating systems would really benefit this title that could be a good "autostart" kids game.