The 11th Hour

When The 7th Guest came out, puzzle games were forever revolutionized. The 11th Hour does not revolutionize gaming like the first -- but it is still an incredible title worth every penny. Although an understanding of the story from T7G is expected to follow the flow of this game, the puzzles stand on their own. Somehow expected, this 4 CD long adventure can cost you weeks of lost sleep, and perhaps even a few sick days at work. If you even mildly like puzzles, this is a must have title.

Do you have a fast video card? If not, buy one along with this game (and I mean REAL fast). Other than that, this game will run on any combination that you throw at it. Whether under Win95, OS/2, a Win95 Dos Box, or just plain Dos -- this title works. Most everything runs on the CD-ROMs, so HDD space is not a real issue. A big thumbs up.

Last Notes
You've read enough -- if you want a challenging, fun, graphical adventure into the depths of your skills, this is it.


* Graphics : 24/25
Inredible. Simply incredible. Movies play at true color, full screen, high resolution. Game play is the same.

* Gameplay : 24/25
This of course refers to the puzzles in this title. Well designed, a good help/cheat plan, and lots of fun.

* Longetivity : 20/25
Like the first one, the 11th hour is a once through game for most. However, with 4 CD's worth of puzzles, that once through can be an extended venture.

* Compatibility : 23/25
With the exception of the high speed video card that was seemingly a must, this game ran on anything we threw at it.

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