Game: Super Smash Bros.
System: Nintendo 64
Release Date: 1999
Price: $39.99

When this game was originally announced, no one knew quite what to make of it. It seemed promising; a game in which you chose virtually any classic Nintendo character, and duked it out in anything from 1 Player to 4 Player mode. Going it alone, all against each other or in teams, there was never a greater thrill than having Mario kick the living crap out of Pikachu.

smashbros2.jpg (17199 bytes)The great thing was, the more people you had playing the game, the more fun it was. It's one of those games you'll find yourself high-fiving a teammate, or wanting to come to blows over what your best friend's Samus did to your Fox McCloud.

The story of the game isn't so much imporant, but basically the key point is that these are not the actual Nintendo characters, but rather toys belonging to a child, who come to life and wage great battles under his/her command. When you face the final boss in Tournament Mode, this will make much better sense.

smashbros12.jpg (23622 bytes)You will find yourself able to choose from the true legends of Nintendo-lore, dating back all the way to the NES. Mario, Link, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Samus Aran and Fox McCloud are all present. With a little effort, you can unlock Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon and Pokemon critters as well. There's lots more to be discovered, and secret levels as well.

smashbros8.jpg (11860 bytes)One of the great things about the game, is the special attacks. All the characters possess their trademark special moves. For Mario, you can throw a fireball, or do a double backflip. Link's sword moves are all intact and control exactly like they did even in the NES game Zelda II. You can even have him whip out a bomb or boomerang to pelt the enemy with. Samus uses her beam cannon, Screw Attack and Ball Bombs to defeat all comers. Kirby can inhale opponents, swallow them and learn their Special Abilities, to use against them. Even the Pokemon crew uses authentic moves. And the best part is, the sound effects are dead on. When Mario jumps, it's the smashbros6.jpg (14915 bytes)actual noise from the original SMB. Samus' bombs sound just like they do in the Super NES Metroid. Link's bombs explode with perfect resonance.

Smash Bros. sold hundreds of thousands of copies. In the video games business, those numbers are very impressive. With its quick to pick up control scheme, intuitive characters and spot-on gameplay mechanics, it's definitely a title any Mario fan should have in his or her collection.