Game: Mario Party
System: Nintendo 64
Release Date: 1997
Price: $29.99 (1985)


Mario Party is one of the few games that can be enjoyed by people who normally hate video games. Usually, that happens in a party-type setting, so it's fortunate that Nintendo bills this as a party game.

Mario Party's premise is pretty simple. It's a giant, living board game, featuring characters from the Mario universe. You roll dice to see how far you will travel, and then good or bad things will happen depending on which route you choose, and where you move to.

Sometimes, moving on certain squares will trigger a mini-game event. This happens when more than one person is occupying the same spot, or, certain factors will cause all of the players to be pulled into the mini-game. These are various one-on-one or team oriented games. The winner(s) get tons of coins, while the losers get squat.

The original Mario Party was a great game, but the newer versions, particularly Mario Party 3 and 4, are supremely better, and therefore you probably only want to pick this one up, if you're a die-hard Mario fan.

- NulShock