Game: Mario Paint
System: SNES
Release Date: 1992
Price: $59.95



Ahhhh.....Mario Paint. You may have absolutely no talent with art or anything resembling it. But you can make something of intrest with Mario Paint. Using the long-defunct Super NES Mouse, Mario Paint was the one of the most sublime games to ever be released for the Super Nintendo.

You were given everything you needed, with the purchase of the game. All you had to bring, was your own sick and twisted ideas (or happy, puppy dog and butterfly ones as well, depends on you). First, you drew up your backgrounds, ethier by the provided stamp templates (of which there were several), or by hand using Pencil, Brush, Marker, etc. When that was all done, you would begin to draw your masterpiece. Most of mine starred Mario and the gang. You could ethier make one giant picture, or a small animation (just like the kind we do now with Paint Shop and Photoshop).

When all that was finished, it'd be time to compose a soundtrack. Because as any Hollywood producer will tell you, even a movie that tanks, can be somewhat salvaged from associating good music that has nothing to do with the actual subject, with the finished product. Be it actual music, or just a really screwed-up cacophony of slammed together sounds, your masterpiece would now have some tunes to back it up.

All done? Save it to the battery back-up, or even better, tape your animations using a standard VCR. With Mario Paint, there was really nothing you couldn't create. One of the most-sought out games in SNES history, and also one of the hardest to come by,( especially complete with box, mouse, mousepad, etc). If you happen to own this game, consider yourself lucky. ;)


*Screenshots will be available soon.