74710024.jpg (17101 bytes)Game: Mario Bros.
System: Nintendo (NES)
Release Date: 1985
Price: $49.99 (1985)


One of the handfuls of games that launched with the system back in 1985, Nintendo's Mario Bros. was the precursor to Super Mario Bros., which was developed exclusively for the home system. Part of their Arcade line-up, like Donkey Kong and other similiar titles, Mario Bros. was the first to feature MBros.jpg (10614 bytes)Luigi (who at the time was a mere palette swap of Mario).

In Mario Bros., you played the famous plumbers, who for no real reason, were attempting to keep the pests in the sewers in line. This would involve you running up beneath them as they crawled or flew over head and jumping up to punch the floor, which would cause it to surge upwards, hitting them and knocking them out. You would then run up and kick them off the board. If you touched the enemy in any other way, it was Game Over. When you'd gotten down to the last critter, he would turn angry and speed up as well as be more aggressive about the whole situation. Bagging him enabled you to go on to the next level.

Pure Arcade madness. And it was one of the greatest video games to come out of the mid-1980's. However, next to its big brother, Super Mario Bros., this was the little game that quickly was forgotten.

- NulShock