Just Added. New Pictures! And Yoshi, too!

Game: Mario Sunshine
Release Date:
August 26th, 2002

Developed By: Nintendo

Players: 1



Finally! The storyline of Mario Sunshine!

It seems that Mario and Peach were on vacation in a sunny beachside town, and soaking up the rays and waves. However, trouble erupted in the form of someone vandalizing the town and putting graffiti all over the place. And that someone is, MARIO?! Say it ain't so!

It turns out that someone has disguised themselves as Mario, and is causing all kinds of havoc to the plumber's good name. Mario suits up with a special water pump backpack, and set outs to find the culprit, and clean up the land as well.

From what I can tell, Mario Sunshine looks to be shaping up to be a truly great game. The visual style is similar to Mario 64, with the notable difference that the environments Mario finds himself in, are not Castles and immense green pastures, but rather city streets and tropical isles.

This will be Mario's first game on the new GameCube, but not his first appearance, as he made a cameo in Luigi's Mansion (the Gamecube launch title). These are the known features of the game, at this time:

  • City and Suburban environments.

  • 60 frames per second.

  • Mario has an Emotion system, allowing you to tell when he's upset, happy, confused, etc.

  • Water Tank is used to clean up the landscape.

  • Levels three times as large as Mario 64.

  • Sunshine Coins (?)

  • Sunshine Meter (?)

  • Possibility of Multiple Players (Princess?? Luigi??)

  • New moves, like the Matrix-like wall jump.

While alot of the mainstream gaming press, has been very fast to say that the quality of the graphics looks "disappointing", or "lacking", I would like to say I am impressed with this game. And if every system was based strictly on graphics, XBox might win a few awards. The Mario games have always been about taking the player to new heights of gaming magic, and I believe Mario Sunshine will continue in this respect, even if the graphics are slightly diminished. It's also important to note, that this is merely a preview game, and the final product will be not be less than genius, if Mayamoto's previous track record is any indication. I remember people were similarly unimpressed with Mario 64, when the first pictures came out, but when it was released, it sold systems. These naysayers should take things like that into account, before openly bashing a game not even finished.



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UPDATE:  It's been revealed that the City level that appears in all of the released screenshots from Mario Sunshine, is simply the first level, and not, as some people have said, the entire game world.

UPDATE: Mayamoto has said that in Mario Sunshine, the Water Tank device can also latch onto wires and ropes, like a Mechanical Arm!! He also said, that the Water Tank device is NOT the only thing/item Mario will be able to strap onto his back!!

Images from www.gamers.com