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June 2002

Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick

After the more than disappointing Evil Dead: Hail to the King (the Dreamcast version was surprisingly better than all of them), developer THQ has announced another ED game. One wonders why. Let's hope they do the series justice with this new game, which appears to not have anything to do with any specific Evil Dead movie, as it involves Ash cleansing the town of Dearborn, from the Deadites. You can now wield two weapons at one time, and have the choice of shovel, gatling gun, shotgun/boomstick and the mighty chainsaw.

Resident Evil Zero

The new GameCube version due out soon, will feature the ability to drop items to save space in your inventory, and two characters to play as, who can be switched between, on the fly! The storyline is a side story to the original Resident Evil, and follows what happens to Bravo Team, before the STARS show up. Rebecca Chambers (aka damn fine hottie) is the main character.

24 hour Video Game Cable Channel

G4 is a new channel that features nothing but solid programming about video games, every day, every night. The website is packed full of stuff to do, including having them e-mail a request for you, to your local cable company (if they don't carry it). You can check it out and get more information at


May 2002

GameBoy Advance goes Platinum Edition!

More than 5 million Game Boy Advance hardware systems have been sold in North America. To celebrate the first anniversary of the GBA, Nintendo is releasing a limited edition, platinum-colored Game Boy Advance on June 3, 2002, with a suggested retail price of $79.95. It'll be hotter than the Arctic colored ones, I bet.

Nintendo GameCube: Cheaper, just as cool!

Since Sony and Microsoft recently lowered their prices, it was only a matter of time, it seemed, before Nintendo followed suit. And so, as of today, Nintendo Gamecubes are now only a mere $150! Just in time for the blockbuster launch of Mario Sunshine in 2 months.

TDK Mediactive to resurrect Masters of the Universe

Yep, He-Man, Skeletor and all the rest will soon be starring in brand-new games for all the current popular systems. Also, if you haven't heard, this ties in with a Masters of the Universe comic and television show resurrection as well. G.I. Joe and Transformers have already proven old 80's cartoons can be hot all over again.

Multi-System Price Drop

Just yesterday, the announcements came from all of the companies. Microsoft has lowered the price of the XBox to only $199; Sony, in response, lowered the price of the PS2 to $199 as well, and also reduced the price of the Dual Shock 2 and 8MB Memory Card, by $10 apiece. Nintendo lowered the cost of both the regular Gamecube controller and the soon-to-be released WaveBird wireless controller, by $10 apiece, like Sony. There is also a very strong rumor of Nintendo cutting $50 off the price of a GameCube, in order to remain competitive with Sony and Microsoft. Yippie!

Sega & Nintendo Get Their Game On

Concrete sources have reported that Sega and Nintendo, once bitter, hate-filled enemies, will now be taking their newfound love a step more serious. Nintendo has now OKed Sega to make a new racing game, with the FZERO franchise. Somewhere in Hell, the Devil becomes more confused, as yet another icicle pops up.

Fox Kids to carry "Kirby" cartoon

This fall, the beloved pink puffball creation of HAL Laboratories, Kirby, will be getting his own cartoon on the Fox Kids network. It recently debuted in Japan, and apparently interest was strong enough, that a possible American conversion was set. Remember when this kind of thing used to take ten years to ever happen?