Toad - Behind the TV Screen


It all began on a stormy night (as it should) when the little fungus head decided he one day wanted to become famous.  The fungus head I am referring to is the legendary Toad from the epic Super Mario Bros. Series spanning over twenty years and more than a couple generations of gamers.  This is a story of the hardships and turmoil it took the little dreaming mushroom kingdom resident we so fondly call Toad to make it big and a nationally loved character.  This is Toad – Behind the TV Screen a SMBSS TRUE Video Game Story. 

Toad may surprise you how he came about.  Most gamers were quick to put a name to the character when the all too familiar phrase “Thank you Mario but our princess is in another castle” reached the hearts of 40 million Super Mario Bros. Gamers.  A stepping stone indeed to ultimate stardom; however Toad was never in Super Mario Bros.  Instead each one of those mushroom kingdom characters at the end of each castle was merely just a resident of the kingdom NOT one particular character.  I mean come on how is it possible for the little guy to be captured seven different times?  However looking at all his counterparts and realizing he is one little mushroom in a big sea of mushrooms all hope and despair came to our little Toad. 

Finally the day of his big debut came as he managed to earn his role in Super Mario Bros. 2 (Western Version…yes that means the USA).  Teaming up with Mario, Luigi, and Daisy to defeat the evil Wart Toad became a huge hit and an official part of the Super Mario Gang (not to mention taking all the credit for the famous line of “Thank you Mario but our princess is in another castle")!  After this stardom was destined for the little spore filled citizen.  Not only did he get to be one of Princess Peach’s closest servants but also showed us he was one hell of a driver in Mario Kart 64.  In all our little friend showed us with ambition and will anything is possible.  To list some of the appearances Toad made in games include…


Super Mario Bros. 2 (Western Version) NES
Super Mario Bros. 3 NES
Super Mario Kart SNES
Super Mario RPG SNES
Mario Kart 64 N64
Mario Party 1,2 and 3 N64
Mario Tennis N64


So there you have it the story of a little mushroom who was destined to be one of the closest pals to the Super Mario Bros. and get his own feature length article on the Super Mario Bros. Super Site!  =o)

- MEGAByite