Mailbag - Q&A 05.30.2002

Sam Love wrote:
How old is Luigi? How old is Mario? Which of them is the best?

NulShock: Mario is rumored to be in his early 30's.....and Luigi is his younger brother. So I would say that Luigi is probably in his late 20's. Although I could be wrong on both counts.....but Nintendo has never officially announced their ages.

As to which is the best. Well, it's all a matter of personal opinion. MEGAByite feels that Luigi is best, and I'm more a Mario fan.

FrancoIsSoft wrote: 
Can you send me some info on the history of the Mushroom Kingdom?
NulShock: Almost all of the history of the Mushroom Kingdom was revealed in Super Mario RPG, and it's waaay too extensive to go into here, or an in am e-mail.

I'd suggest you rent a copy of it from Blockbuster and experience true Mario goodness.

Scary Mario Fan wrote: Hello. My name is Dennis.....but my imaginary friends call me Mario. I live peacefully here in L.A--er I mean, Mushroom Kingdom, with my wife, Princess Toadstool, and our six little shroomlings.....Itsy, Bitsy, Witsy, Teensy, Weensy and our twins, Phunn and Gus.

Can I visit you someday? I bet we'd be really good friends.

NulShock: Uhhhh.....sure. But we'll call you when we're ready, ok? Cuz this place is a mess. Remember, wait for our call.