Mailbag - Q&A 05.23.2002

FrancoIsSoft wrote:  

Give me some background on the Turtle Empire?

NulShock: I don't know if there is a whole lot of information on the Koopa Empire (it hasn't been called The Turtle Empire since the days of "PeeWee Herman's Big Adventure". Basically, Bowser just has this obssession with beating Mario. We're not sure why he's chosen Mario as his nemesis. And he's certainly not in love with Princess Toadstool. He seems to just view her as a source of bait for getting Mario to chase him.

I'm not sure what Bowser's goals are. I'm not even sure if his kids are still officially part of the Mario universe. Nintendo seems to have not been serious about keeping continuity with the characters, until Super Mario World was released on the SNES. And with Mario RPG, we gained all kinds of insight into their lives, but Bowser's problem with domination was still not explained. I think he's just starved for attention, really.

 Kathrin wrote: 
Hi have a terrific site!
I'm hoping you can help me find an on-line Mario store...not for games, but t-shirts, plush toys, posters, etc.  I've looked everywhere with no success.  Any ideas?
NulShock: Thank you very much. :) As a matter of fact, I wrote a letter to Nintendo themselves a couple days ago, asking them that very question! They replied back that they do not directly sell such items, but have a Store section on the Nintendo website where you can find out how to buy it.

Of course, I've saved you the trouble. :) The link to Nintendo's complete Licensees (companies legally able to sell Nintendo merchandise), can be found here. And Nintendo's Retail Store Locator, can be found here.

Thanks for supporting the Super Mario Bros. Super Site!

Mike wrote: Hey that new poll thing's kewl! I think Wario's the bad guy!
NulShock: You could be right. But who knows? :) Mario Sunshine looks poised to shatter sales records when it's released late August.